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Here’s the table of contents at the front of Nothing To Do With Skin

I. Introduction
II. Paradigms of Research
III. Terminology
-A. Exposure and Outcome
-B. Incidence and Prevalence
IV. Types of Study Designs
-A. Descriptive studies
-B. Observational (Analytical) Studies
-i. Cohort Design
-ii. Case-Control Design
-iii. How to choose?
-iv. Ecological Studies
-C. Experimental Studies
-i. The RCT
-ii. Related designs
-D. Systematic Reviews
-i. Meta Analysis
-E. Other designs
V. Hierarchy of Evidence
VI. Measurements of Association
-A. Correlation Coefficients
-B. Relative Risk
-C. Odds Ratio
VII. Correlation and Causation
VIII. Bias
-A. Selection Bias
-B. Detection Bias
-C. Non-Response Bias
-D. Response Bias
-E. Recall Bias
IX. Confounding and Interaction
-A. Confounding
-B. Interaction
X. Conclusion
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