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Sweet Like Saltwater by Raywat Deonandan….

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First published in 1999, Sweet Like Saltwater is considered by some to be a modern Caribbean classic. It is a collection of short stories about migration and belonging. Widely critically acclaimed, in 2000 the book was awarded the national book award of the nation of Guyana (the “Guyana Prize”) in the Best First Work category. It is still taught today in literary classes in colleges and high schools around the world.

From the back of the 1999 edition: “Sweet Like Saltwater marks a brilliant, highly original fictional debut. These stories …about a fanatical cricket fan in rural colonial Guyana, an immigrant girl on the run on a Canadian backroad, a terrifying aquatic encounter in a faraway planetary colony of the future, a meeting of former neighbours on the banks of the Hudson… probe with acuity and a wry sense of humour the very modern condition of human exile and the search for freedom and belonging.”

Publication history:
1999, TSAR Books, ISBN 978-0-9206617-7-2
2014, Intanjible Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9936763-2-1