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The individual stories in Sweet Like Saltwater are…


“Children Of The Melange”
Recollections on a scene of ghostly possession in Guyana.

The cycle of life in a Third World rice-farming village.

“King Rice”
Comedic tale of a crazy cricket fan in Guyana.

“Far From Family”
A young Trinidadian boy, now living in Canada, discovers the existence of a heretofore unknown and mysterious uncle.

“The Rhymer”
Comedic fable about a contest between an impoverished poet and a storyteller.

“While I Drink My Moccacino”
An observer watches cultural change from inside a cafe.

“On Germ Warfare And Bad Sex”
End-of-the-world experiences of a physicist, a mystic, a conspiracy theorist and the President of the United States.

“The Reef”
Futurtistic story of two sisters’ underwater adventure.

“El Dorado”
An American doctor searches for Incan gold in South America.

“The Ten Thousand And One Directions”
At a dinner attended by the Sultan of Morocco and British soldiers during World War II, love, colonialism and phantasmic occurrences are recollected.

“Seasonal Youth”
A fable about a village boy tempted by strange ideas.

“Camel’s Lips”
A story of seduction with words.

“Son Of Caine”
A shy Pakistani attempts to teach physics and literature to British boys in Singapore.

“Sanjay & Allison”
Inter-racial love between two children.

“In Flight”
An Indo-Canadian girl attempts to drive from her problems.

A foetal twin provides a reflection for the racist experiences of a young immigrant to Canada